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Multi-family house w/5 Flats

Klostermannovo náměstí, Železná Ruda
ID number: 3577 Material: Brick, Built-up area: 208 m², Total area: 408 m²
Price:  459 615 €

Apartment House w/3 Flats

Havlíčkova, Starý Plzenec
ID number: 3552 Material: Brick, Built-up area: 194 m², Total area: 587 m²
Price:  110 000 €

Guest House with Restaurant

Lindauerova, Plzeň - Vnitřní Město
ID number: 2886CD Material: Brick, Built-up area: 190 m², Total area: 192 m²
Price:  919 231 €